The Upcoming Development of Godot 4.x

Godot has just published a series of three articles that reveal the upcoming plans for the development of Godot Engine following the launch of Godot 4. The first article details the updated development schedule for Godot Engine, starting from Godot 4.1. The second article provides an update on the rendering team’s work on the features of Godot 4.1. Lastly, the first beta version of Godot 3.6 is now available.

Regarding changes to the Godot 4.1 release schedule, the feature merging phase is set to last for around 3 months, spanning from March to May 2023.

During this phase, we will merge pull requests that are approved by the relevant teams, including new features, regular bug fixes, and riskier bug fixes that are not merged during the bug fixing phase.

Our aim is to reduce the pressure of getting big changes merged in time for the next release, allowing contributors more time to properly implement and test new features. This should lead to shorter bug fixing phases.

The bug fixing phase is expected to last for approximately 1 month, covering June 2023, with the anticipated release of 4.1 at the end of June.

However, we may need to adjust this time period depending on how much dedicated bug fixing time is needed after 3 months of feature merging.

The rendering team is presently concentrating on various vital features, which include detecting slowdowns in 3D rendering, such as the primary scene shader, timeslicing DirectionalLight3D shadows, compiling background pipelines, fixing general bugs, implementing appropriate multi-threading in the RenderingDevice, incorporating GL Compatibility renderer for 3D, and enhancing FSR 2.2/TAA.

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