The Release of Unity 2022 LTS Has Been Announced

Unity has recently launched the Unity 2022 LTS, which is a game engine that provides Long Term Support. This means that it will receive updates and patches for two years, making it the ideal version for starting a new project.

Among the many new features in Unity 2022 LTS, the most significant and eagerly awaited is the DOTS (Data Oriented Technology Stack), which is now deemed ready for production use. DOTS had a tumultuous development history and comprises three critical components: the Jobs System, the Burst Compiler, and ECS (Entity Component System). All these essential systems are now considered ready for prime time, and a DOTS-compatible networking layer, Netcode for Entities, is also approaching production-ready status in this release.

Other features in this release include improvements to the HDRP Pipeline, such as a new Water System, Cloud Rendering Improvements, Volumetric Materials for advanced fog and volumetric effects, and URP Improvements, including Forward + Rendering, LOD Crossfades, Temporal Anti-Aliasing, Decal Layers, Built-In Converter for Standard to URP pipeline assets, and a New Spline package. Additionally, there are various other improvements, features, and fixes.

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