The Spring Sale of Unity in 2023

The Spring Sale for Unity 2023 is back, featuring over 600 assets at a 50% discount and more than 100 assets available on a Flash Deal for 70% off. This year’s sale eliminates the fear of missing out, as each Flash sale item can be purchased in unlimited quantity during a 12-hour period and all Flash Deals are announced beforehand. Along with the Spring Sale, there are weekly Publisher Sales, with the current sale ending on May 11th. As a bonus, customers can use code STUDIOLAB at checkout to receive the asset Modular Medieval Dungeon for free until May 11th.

In case you have a particular Flash Deal Unity asset in mind that you’d like me to review, feel free to drop a comment on the YouTube video or on the GFS discord server, and I’ll try my utmost to accommodate your request.

To discover more about the Unity 2023 Spring Sale, check out the video down below.

DirtyLeague [DOI] Many GEOs

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