The Release of Camtasia 2022 Has Been Announced

Camtasia 2022, the software I rely on for creating 99% of our videos and tutorials, has recently been released. This all-in-one video capture and editing suite is designed for tutorial creation and is available for both Windows and Mac. The latest release boasts a range of new features, including closer integration with Audiate, a tool we reviewed last year.

One of the standout features of Camtasia 2022 is the enhanced cursor editing capabilities. This allows users to edit, emphasize, and optimize the appearance and movement of the cursor with greater precision. Videos recorded with Camtasia 2022 now capture cursor path information, which can be modified after recording to ensure a more polished final video. Cursor paths and clicks can also be added to any image, video, or media element for added clarity and movement.

Another new feature is the use of Audiate to edit video like text. This tool allows Camtasia videos to be transcribed and edited like a text document, with speech pauses, ums and ahs, and other sequences quickly and easily removed. The audio can also be enhanced with additional effects before being automatically applied to the video project.

Camtasia 2022 also includes new templates and customizable elements, a redesigned library with over 1,000 new elements, and a streamlined export process. Additionally, there are new visual effects, including Blend Mode, which allows users to blend footage from two different media types, and new transitions that can be applied to any type of media in your video project.

Overall, Camtasia 2022 is a powerful tool for creating professional and consistent videos in less time. To learn more about how I use it and see the new features in action, check out the sponsored video below.

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