Synty’s POLYGON Game Dev Assets: The Ultimate Bundle on Humble Bundle

The Best of POLYGON Game Dev Assets by Synty bundle is the latest Humble Bundle designed for game creators. It comprises an extensive assortment of 3D models with a low polygon art style, available in Unreal, Unity and Source (mostly FBX) formats. This implies that you can integrate them into any 3D game engine, such as O3DE or Godot.

Like all Humbles, this particular one has tiers that are well-structured.

Tier 1:

  • Western Frontier Pack by POLYGON
  • Prototype Pack by POLYGON
  • Simple City – Cartoon Assets

Mid Tier:

  • Battle Royale Pack by POLYGON
  • Dungeon Pack by POLYGON
  • Dungeons Map by POLYGON
  • Simple Props/Items/Icons/Cartoon Assets
  • Simple Shop Interiors
  • Simple People 2

Tier 2 ($25):

  • Nature Pack by POLYGON
  • War Pack by POLYGON
  • Simple Fantasy Cartoon Assets
  • Gang Warfare Pack by POLYGON
  • Boss Zombies by POLYGON
  • Simple Racer Cartoon Assets
  • War Map WW1 by POLYGON
  • Hearse Kit by POLYGON
  • Simple Apocalypse Interior Cartoon Assets
  • Simple Fantasy Interiors Cartoon Assets
  • $10 Synty Store Discount

As always, you have the power to choose how your funds are distributed between Humble, charity, the publisher, and (if you so desire) GFS support. Thank you for your generosity!The video below provides information on the Best of POLYGON Game Dev Assets by Synty bundle. Keep an eye out for a subsequent video that will provide a more detailed overview of the assets included in this bundle.

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